Café Tequila Red Cayenne Hot Sauce

This sauce is known to cause prolonged eating and instigate a voracious mob around the BBQ! Pour it on anything and everything. Marinate chicken, beef, pork, and fish before grilling. Drizzle on your favorite Mexican dishes. Splash on veggies, and in soups. Use in dips, on chips, over burgers, and in sandwiches. Nothing escapes this conquistador of superior flavor.

Café Tequila Roasted Habanero

Taste the smoldering roasted Habanero Peppers and savor the rich antiquity of this classic sauce. Pour on grilled salmon, asparagus, corn, and mashed potatoes. Slather it on your favorite meats. Use on salads and scrambled eggs. Make you next BBQ party or weekend gathering the hit of the season. Boring food surrenders to this smoldering Mayan revenge of a sauce.

Café Tequila Citrus Habanero

For those Habanero fans who like their sauces hot and packed with flavor, this tangy sweet-heat combination is one versatile condiment! Splash on seafood and tomatoes. Dash on the grilled, the fried or the broiled. Smother on veggies, oysters and fresh caught fish. If a syrupy, meager flavor is what you’re after….this ain’t it!


These sauces are addicting and may cause undetected looting of your cabinets. Keep a hidden stash!